about the qrchain

Hangzhou Qianrui Chain Factory Co., Ltd,located 2 hour drive southwest of Shanghai. Hangzhou is a place for all kinds of chains, you could never fail if come for this purpose. Qianrui now hires about 150 frontsmen working 2 shifts a day to produce about 12 million RMB turnout annually by strict standard chain manufacturing process and quality materials. Our major products are as follows: standard roller chains A series and B series and attachments, bush chains, double pitch conveyor chains and transmission chains, motorcycle chains, engine mechanism chains, silent chains, leaf chains, steel agricultural chains, stainless chain, hollow pin chains, sharp top chains, double plus chains, steel detachable link chains, nickle-plated chains, zinc-plated chains, dacromet chains and large pitch transmission chains are customizable. The developed products cover more than 1 thousand products and approximately 10 thousand specifications. The products conform to the standard of GB、ISO、ANSI、JIS、DIN and BS , and the performances of chains conform to demand of customers from Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries.

Products we support:

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